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Today’s TechCrunch Live event should be fantastic. We have Vanessa Larco, a partner at NEA, and Deon Nicholas, co-founder and CEO of Forethought AI, and they promised not to get rowdy. That basically means they’re going to get rowdy, and I’m here for it. The two have a great working relationship, and we’re going to pull out some advice and lessons on building a founder/investor relationship, but also talk about product launching timing and winning a startup competition — Forethought AI won Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018.

The event streams live on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, but if you register for Hopin, you’ll be able to ask questions, network with the guests, and apply for Pitch Practice.

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And this is TechCrunch Live’s last week on Hopin. Starting next week, TechCrunch Live is moving to Grip, which should make it easier to register and attend future TechCrunch Live events. We’re also changing how startups apply for Pitch Practice using a single application. Look for the application next week.

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